Hi! I'm Pierrick.

I'm a video game audio designer and music composer, living in Rennes (FR).



Audio Designer, Music Composer

Crown Gambit

Combat SFX design



SFX design


Audio Designer, Music Composer


Cinematic Sound Design

PGL Arlington Major 22

Opening Ceremony Sound Design

The Sonic Library

TTRPG SFX design

Game Jam Projects

Anybody There?

Music Composer, Audio Designer, Singer, VA

Match Made in AI-ven

Music Composer, Audio Designer

Evil Dice

Music Composer, Audio Designer

What Have You Drawn?

Music Composer, Audio Designer

Dodge Tracker

Music Composer, Audio Designer

Assault on the Tiny House

Music Composer, Audio Designer

Washed Out Hotel

Music Composer, Audio Designer

Carpet Flea

Music Composer, Audio Designer

Who am I?

When I was a child, I sneaked into my brother’s room to play his Gamecube and satisfy my curiosity for video games. Later, when I was 16, I stole his electric guitar and discovered a new vocation. Needless to say, after five years studying musicology and digital arts, I decided to merge both of my passions into my job : video game audio designer and music composer.

Who do I work with?

"We asked Pierrick to help us with our trailer. He proved to be reactive and made a perfect job within a very short deadline. We're glad we worked together, and we'll come back."

"Nous avons fait appel à Pierrick pour notre trailer. Il a su être réactif et produire un travail parfait dans des délais très courts. Nous sommes ravis de notre collaboration, on repassera pour sûr."
Corto Laly, Creative Director @Wild Wits Games
"Working with Pierrick is a constant pleasure, on the human level as much as the professional one. During each of our collaborations, he managed to produce great soundtracks while mastering sound design, thereby adding value to our games."

"Travailler avec Pierrick est un plaisir systématique, tant sur le plan humain que professionnel. Sur chacune de nos collaborations, il réussit à produire d’excellentes bande sons tout en accomplissant avec brio son rôle de sound designer, mettant ainsi en valeur nos productions communes."
Paul Mozet, developper @Wild Wits Games
"I hired Pierrick to make music and sound design for a game project. He has a great knowledge of various musical genres and curiosity for instruments I didn't know about. Furthermore, it is very pleasing to work with him. He gives feedback on different aspects of the game and managed to perfectly fit in the team."

"Pour un projet de jeu vidéo j'ai fait appel aux services de Pierrick pour la composition et le sound design. Il témoigne d'une grande culture dans différents genres musicaux et d'une curiosité pour des instruments que je ne connaissais pas. C'est en plus très agréable de travailler avec lui. Il est force de proposition sur différents aspects du projet et a su parfaitement s'intégrer à l'équipe."
Maxime Wyzuj, Lead Developper @Kinky Rocks
"A listening person who understood what we needed. We really enjoyed what Pierrick did, the music he wrote for our seminar and other presentations sticks in mind. Serious and efficient, I highly recommend."

"Une personne à l'écoute, qui a bien compris notre besoin. Nous avons beaucoup apprécié le travail réalisé par Pierrick, la musique qu'il a composée pour notre séminaire et autres présentations nous reste en mémoire. Sérieux et efficace. Je recommande +++."
Barbara Prudhomme, Project Coordinator @PEPITE Bretagne

Shall we work together, then?

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